Immorta is one of the main supporting characters of The Wonderful 101 , and a member of the Galactic Federation Police. She is also Prince Vorkken's little sister.

Gameplay Edit

Although she starts out as a non-playable character, halfway through the game Immorta becomes a playable character. And the player gain access to her Unit Morph, The Unite Bowgun.

The Unite Bowgun is a powerful rapid-fire projectile attack, that is activated by drawing a heart shape. The crossbow can hypnotize enemies that are struck by its shots (which also explode on impact). Hypnotized enemies that are near death will rush towards their former allies before self-destructing, making it useful for clearing out a large group of foes quickly.

Profile Edit

She appears in front of the Wonderful Ones from time to time to assist them. She doesn’t seem to belong to the Geathjerk army, but she can hardly be called an ally either. Despite possessing high combat capabilities, she never engages in combat of her own accord and she tends to disappear as soon as she arrives. Her objectives are as shrouded in mystery as her identity.

In fact, she is the last surviving member of the Galactic Federation Police, and had come to earth in pursuit of Prince Vorkken- her brother. Despite the team's initial distrust (and Wonder-Blue's insistence on refusing her offers to help the team), she proves herself to be an ally of the Wonderful Ones and eventually joins them in the hopes of saving Vorkken from what he had become.

Trivia Edit

  • Immorta's name is based on "immortal". It is also created from puns in how her named is formed in Japanese. In Japanese her name is written as Imouta (イモータ), which is a pun between imouto, the word for little sister, and outaka, the word for female hawk/falcon, a reference to the Dakkar's bird-like shape.
  • Immorta is the only main character with a unique Unite Morph to never initiate a QTE.
  • Viewing her unmasked model reveals that she have different undergarments, such as her bra shaping a heart, and her panties with a heart shape on the back.

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