• Nick tanico


    February 16, 2015 by Nick tanico

    Why does a game enchant people like us and what is your opinion on Games? To me Games are a wolrd of fantasy of worlds unseen by the common norm, a world of different reality then our own, a world that we (as gamers) could go too to escape our normaly stres life. It is where imagination and dreams come alive.

    But where is the line between reality and reality. People of today view games as another influence, but forget how the word works, how harsh it is, and how it easily it can influence the mind. Same goes for life, they forget that the mind set of a person is based on how he or she grows up and the environment they are in. so they place the blam on the medium and not the sorce, the true sorce. Sad as it is, it still goes on today.

    To my f…

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  • ゆ


    June 10, 2014 by

    Just recently, PlatinumGames, at E3 2014 during the Microsoft conference, announced their latest game, Scalebound. Here's a bit of speculation I have about the game, this is just a prediction, and is not official:

    • It's going to be purely single-player, this is to be expected from what PlatinumGames usually do, but I don't think it's going to be anything like Anarchy Reigns, which is the most multiplayer based of any of the games from Platinum.
    • It's going to be a mainly Hack 'n' Slash game, we can see in the trailer that the main character does use a bow, but I think it's going to be similar to Metal Gear Rising, in which you destroy large enemies by jumping around.
    • It's going to be more strategy based than most games from Platinum, I think th…

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  • ゆ

    Project Merger

    March 18, 2014 by


    Information on the merger project can be found here:

    • Move Anarchy Reigns articles (And other participating wiki articles) over to the Platinum Games Wiki
    • Set up administration team (Requires wiki adoption)
    • Improve on the articles of other games
    • Add everything to appropriate categories
    • Rewrite articles to suit the subject matter of Platinum Games
    • Create portals for the different games
    • Improve look of wiki
    • Add templates
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